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First lets have a basic understanding about GST returns which is constantly changing:
Every person/entity registered under GST has to keep with himself a systematic record of all taxable/non-taxable supplies made in the business whether inward or outward. He is also required to save details of Input credit availed by him or the amount of tax payable to the government at intervals. All these have to be later reported to government through filling an online statement or electronic form namely GST Return.
A GST return is a statement of record of all transactions made by the taxpayer, which is reported to government either monthly, quarterly or annually basis. A GST return specifies the supplies made and the number of tax/non-tax invoices issued in a specified period including details of taxes applicable on such supplies.
For a registered taxpayer, filling a GST return is a mandatory requirement for a number of reasons, the most crucial of which is to avail Input credit of purchases .
A GST return can be filed by logging in to the GST common portal after registration, specifying details of supplies depending on the nature of transactions and rates applicable .

Types of GST Return

Varying on the nature of transaction and reporting standards, the following GST returns have to be filed within their specified due dates :

GST Return 



Filling Period 

Due Date 

GSTR – 1 

For reporting of Outward supplies 

All Normal and Casual registered taxpayers 



11th of succeeding month 

End of month succeeding the quarter  

GSTR – 2A 

For claiming ITC 

All Normal and Casual registered taxpayers 



GSTR – 3B 

For selfdeclaration of tax payable 

All Normal and Casual registered taxpayers 


20th of succeeding month 

GSTR – 4 

Annual Return For composition dealer 

Composition dealers 


30th April 


For reporting of outward or inward supplies by Non-residents 

Non-resident taxpayers 


20th of succeeding month 

GSTR – 5A 

For reporting of Services & tax payable provided to India residents by OIDAR Service providers 

Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval (OIDAR) services providers. 


20th of succeeding month 

GSTR – 6 

For reporting of distribution of credit by ISDs 

Input Service Distributors (ISDs) 


13th of succeeding month. 

GSTR – 7 

For reporting of TDS deductions 

TDS Deductor (specified u/s 51) 


10th of succeeding month. 

GSTR – 8 

For reporting of tax deductions by 

E-commerce operator 


10th of succeeding month. 

GSTR – 9 

GST Annual return. 

All registered taxpayers 


31st Dec of succeeding financial year. 

GSTR – 9A 

GST Annual return for composition dealers 
(Now suspended and replaced by GSTR 4 from FY 2019-20) 

Composition Dealers 


31st Dec of succeeding financial year. 

GSTR – 9B 

GST Annual return for E-commerce operators 

E-commerce Operators 


31st Dec of succeeding financial year. 

GSTR – 9C 

To be filed along with GSTR 9, for entities liable to get audited u/s 35 of CGST Act 

For entities liable to get audited under section 35. 


31st Dec of succeeding financial year. 

GSTR -10 

Final return for cancellation or surrender of GST 

All taxpayers excluding 
(i) Input Service Distributor 
(ii) Non-resident taxable persons 
(iii) Persons required to deduct tax at source (TDS) under section 51 
(iv) Persons paying tax under section 10 (Composition Taxpayer) 
(v) Persons required to collect tax at source (TCS) under section 52 

Within 3 months of cancellation or surrender of GSTN 


GSTR – 11 

For reporting of inward supplies by UIN Holders 

Unique Identity holders 



GST Tax payment
On submission of all required details in GST return, the taxpayer has to file the payable GST amount by creating a GST payment challan. On successful payment of tax, the system provides a confirmation of the return filed.
However now CBIC have even introduced QRMP system of return filing filing and this is going to always change.
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