Tax Notice/ Personal consultation

What type of notices you can receive?

Section wise notices:

  1. Notice u/s 139(9)
  2. Notice u/s 143(1)(a)
  3. Notice u/s 143(1)
  4. Order u/s 154
  5. Notice u/s 143(2)
  6. Notice u/s 142(1)
  7. Notice u/s 148

First 3 notices are password protected and the password to open such notice is your PAN number and birthdate in small i.e. if your PAN number is AASPV3232Q and your birth date is 13/06/1990 so the password would be aaspv3232q13061990.

Now let’s understand meaning of each notice in short:

  1. Notice u/s 139(9): This notice mentions if there are any defects in your return of income i.e. if your tax is still payable and you haven’t paid it or you have claimed exemption u/s 11 with regard to trust but you don’t have registration u/s 12A/12AA of Income Tax act or you haven’t mentioned the same in your return of income. If the return is declared defective under this section then it won’t be processed ahead and it would be taken as you haven’t filed any return of income. You need to reply such notice within 30 days of receipt.
  2. Notice u/s 143(1)(a): This is just an intimation if there are any arithmetical error in your return of income which can lead to addition to your returned income in notice u/s 143(1). Thus this can be taken as show cause notice for order u/s 143(1). This also needs to be replied within 30 days of receipt.
  3. Notice u/s 143(1): This is an intimation cum order showing calculation of income done by you and calculation of income as per computerized system of Income tax. You can reply to such notice either by revising your return if you have time or by filing rectification return u/s 154 or you can even appeal against such notice before CIT(A). There is no such due date to reply to such notice.
  4. Order u/s 154: This order is received if you have filed any rectification return requesting any change against amount mentioned in notice u/s 143(1) and you can again file rectification request against such order u/s 154 if your query has not been resolved.
  5. Notice u/s 143(2), 142(1) and 148: All the 3 notices deal with assessment/ scrutiny proceedings, where 143(2) and 148 deals with opening of assessment or reassessment proceedings respectively and can even ask for filing your return of income against such notices whereas notice u/s 142(1) deals with requirement of details which one needs to submit to complete assessment proceedings.

How Taxontips will Help you?

As soon as you book an appointment with us and submit relevant notices and documents, you will receive an e-mail from our team with the details of our expert and our expert shall get in contact with you within 24 hours and you can have a consultation with him over call or e-mail and can ask him your doubts and he will provide you legal as well as practical solutions.

Even if you haven’t received any notice but just want to have a consultation with our expert regarding some transaction or some query in Income Tax feel free to book a consultation with our experts.

Note: In case any Army personnel is booking consultation with special price we could only help if it’s related to your salary income from Army.

Our experts are practicing Chartered Accountants and would help and assist you with their experience.


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